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Glass Waste Recycling Leeds

Do you need reliable glass recycling in Leeds and the surrounding areas? We guarantee that 100% of the glass waste we collect and deposit in our glass recycling facilities will be recycled. Glass garbage removal is something we specialize in. Our waste management company is environmentally friendly, dependable, professional, and experienced when it comes to dealing with all types of garbage disposal.

If you have any questions and needs related to glass waste recycling, here at Leeds Waste we are available to help. You can reach us by calling 01133 471 530 or by completing the form on this page. Since we have been in the waste management solutions business for thirty years, we have collected hundreds of tons of glass waste from Leeds and across the UK.

How is Glass Waste Recycled?

The process of glass recycling involves repurposing old and used glass materials to create new jars and bottles. In any material breakdown process, glass poses a special challenge. Glass waste causes various forms of pollution, including air pollution, so recycling helps save the environment. Furthermore, it saves us 20% of our electric power and 50% of our water consumption. 

Pubs and restaurants are the largest glass waste generators in the UK, dumping approximately 129.000 tonnes of glass into landfills. We can help you divert 90% of your glass waste from landfills. We aim to recycle at least 95% of glass waste and have a zero landfill waste policy. Despite the fact that glass may be recycled indefinitely, more than half of it is never recycled into usable glass. Much of it is thrown away or incinerated. We’re working hard to get a lot more glass recycled. We want to recycle 100 percent of recyclable glass in order to save natural resources, landfill space, and energy.

Leeds Glass Waste Recycling

As we have mentioned, glass can be recycled indefinitely without losing its properties and characteristics. Furthermore, glass recycling helps us save energy. The energy saved from recycling a glass bottle is equal to that of powering a television for 12 hours. The following are the steps for recycling glass:

Our team will come to your location and collect the glass to deliver it to the recycling facility. There is no need for you to separate your glass shades since all of them are stored together. At the recycling centre, they will be cleansed to remove any impurities before being categorized into colors and grades. Glasses of the same color are recycled together since they have the same chemical composition.

Contaminants will be filtered out as well. Ceramics, Pyrex, aluminum cans, light bulbs, cardboard, window frames, and mirrors, as well as plastic, food, and oil, are all common pollutants. The glasses will now be washed and crushed to form a cullet, which will be used to make new glass material. This cullet is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from pebbles to sand and even powder. After that, the cullet will be melted down to make new glass materials.

Compared to making glass from raw ingredients, this method is much cheaper. This is also the most sustainable option. We strongly advise you to use a competent waste management contractor like us to properly manage your glass waste. You are contributing to the conservation of natural resources while also fulfilling your Duty of Care commitment.

Why is it Important to Recycle Glass Waste?

There are several reasons why it is essential to recycle the glass waste generated by your company. Glass waste is not only dangerous when improperly managed since it may injure animals and humans, but it is also non-biodegradable, so we can’t rely on nature to dispose of it for us. Here are some more compelling reasons to recycle glass:

  • It is recyclable and, as a result, should be.
  • This helps to protect natural resources.
  • Pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.
  • The amount of waste sent to landfill is reduced.
  • Glass is 100% recyclable.
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