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We’re located in Leeds, near the City Centre, but we cover the UK and can recycle redundant ICT and WEEE. We additionally capable to supply a whole data destruction service.

Gear gathered from the NHS will be advantage monitored and all serial numbers are recorded. Confirmation will undoubtedly be supplied that all previously stored information has been totally removed.

At time of Set any related documentation will likely be issued:

Certification of information destruction

All gear is kept in a safe facility for processing.

In the event you are a manufacturer of bigger quantities of small you might reap the benefits of our flexible contracts which have various advantages over single groups.

Added info:

Recycle ‘ending of life’ ICT equipment and computers.
Recycle all small
Create sales through our rebate scheme.
Safe and total Data Destruction.
Give to the local authorities Green Plan.
Complete conformity in treating hazardous electronic waste.
Supply of all related documentation on set of small
Storage of things in a Safe treatment facility

New Recycling Plant for waste

Waste Leeds has lately formed a substantial investment in a brand new multifunctional recycling sorting system.

The multifunctional sorting system regains a variety of bits of stuff from distinct waste flows, single flow, packaging, paper, household waste and other sorting jobs. The brand new recycling plant enables Waste Leeds to make cleaner materials, attain better levels of merchandises and reduce more of our waste to Biomass.

This substantial investment in the most up-to-date recycling plant technology exhibits our dedication to remain in the vanguard of the waste management and recycling sector and lower the effect of waste material to the ecosystem with an ultimate target of zero waste to landfill.

Waste collection for scraps. The alloys we take in with our non-ferrous scrap metal group service contain copper, aluminium and brass. Quite simply, a non-ferrous alloy is a metal which includes no iron. These metals are lighter and more easily seen in houses and company premises.

The alloys we take in with our non-ferrous scrap metal group service contain copper, aluminium and brass. All these are common metals that are used in several methods, and that’s the reason why they usually bring higher prices than ferrous alloys. At our facilities we’ve a variety of non-ferrous scrap metal processing machinery which permits us to place your unwanted alloys to great use, repurposing top market rather than sending them to landfill.

To find out more on how our services can benefit you subsequently get connected with us now. Our friendly staff will answer your scrap metal inquiries and counsel you on our services that will help you to get the very best out of your unwanted materials.

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