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Leeds Waste Recycling

With an ever-growing fleet of trucks, our in house mechanisms are operating 24/7, keeping the Waste Leeds fleet in tiptop state. For a free quote on our recycling services, just call our team today.

Mechanical & biological Recycling
Our new facility at Leeds will dramatically increase the quantity of household waste that’s diverted from landfill in Leeds.

The neighborhood waste management Northacre resource recovery centre increases the percentage of Wiltshire’s municipal waste diverted from landfill to more than 80 per cent, from a present operation of about 63 per cent as well as a total of less than 20 per cent several years past.

Diverting waste from landfill will help save the county’s citizens from paying landfill tax that is set to raise each year until 2014 when it is going to reach 80 per tonne.

We began work on the Northacre job in July 2011 and expect to get this facility ready to go by late 2013.

Medical Goods Recycling

We are able to provide you with a dependable certified and distinct support that provides an expense efficient answer for the hectic GP operations and healthcare methods.

Whether you’re operating inside the personal healthcare field or a completely independent practice you’re not lawfully irresponsible for medical waste produced by your practice’s secure administration.

The support staff are fully-trained and use one to give a wraparound support that’s certified extensive and delicate towards the character of one’s company.

Waste Leeds provides a selection cost-effective, of certified and dependable support choices for most healthcare apply medical waste channels. Addressing from common medical waste, sharps waste, waste from medical waste programmes and much more.

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