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Medicinal waste can be categorized in three categories;

(Unsafe) 18.01.08
(may still require specialist treatment / disposal). 18.01.09
Non pharmaceutically effective, no hazardous properties (e.g. saline and glucose) 20.01.32

Failure to separate the waste streams would require the waste to be categorized as hazardous Medicinal waste which contains; expired, fresh, spilt, dirty and drugs no longer demanded.

Amalgam waste
All waste material containing mercury ought to be categorized as hazardous waste (18 01 10* Amalgam waste for dental care). Dental practices are required to get amalgam separators fitted. Guidance should be sought from Health and Safety when coping with mercury spillage from sphygmomanometers.

Medical devices
Where implanted medical devices, as defined in the medical devices regulations, have been in contact with infectious bodily fluids they ought to be categorized as infectious waste. If the apparatus includes hazardous materials or parts including batteries the consignment note must accurately characterize the waste.

Anatomical waste
However, if subject to specific requirements to prevent infection they need to be discarded as 18.01.03

Danni Waste
Ideal for the safe collection and transfer of glass and crockery, the SHARPSGUARD Danni is colour-coded with a solid orange lid, handle and label making it easy to differentiate from other waste containers. It ought to be disposed of in landfill sites and consequently isn’t appropriate for dirty things.

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