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Leeds Waste Management

The specialist waste management services we provide across Leeds can save your business money. We offer a professional service you can rely on, disposing of waste responsibly and safely at all times.

Offering a complete selection of clean up and clean-down services, Waste Leeds handles and executes the treatment of spills and polluted regions before the commencement of decommissioning projects. The removal of all substances, liquids and other dangerous or non-hazardous wastes significantly enhances the security and efficiency of all following processes.

Specialist cleaning procedures for decommissioning projects

Waste Leeds supplies expertly trained staff and specialist equipment to ensure all procedures are finished to the greatest HSEQ standards. All cleaning operations are handled through a carefully audited and reported license-to-work system.

Waste Leeds’ patented technology manages a closed loop methodology to filter and recirculate water through the cleaning procedure. This significantly reduces both water and chemical ingestion, thereby minimising the amount of tank washings needing treatment when the procedure was finished.

Non-hazardous waste treatment and recycling

Our safe and effective treatment procedures plan to minimise reliance on landfill as a disposal alternative. With options to take care of source segregated waste or transport of combined substances to a centralised treatment or recycling facility, we provide options appropriate for all demands.

Complete commercial waste management options for offshore jobs

We provide the following transport alternatives:

*Jump and send
*Bulk transfer

We process and dispose of all stuff within our onshore processing facilities in accordance with local environmental legislation and Local waste management best practice, supplying our customers using a secure, efficient and dependable alternative and complete audit trail.

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